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21683 (HSI Call)

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The information on this page is for illustrative purposes only, and is not indicative of future performance. Such information does not constitute or form part of any offer, or invitation, to subscribe for or to sell, or solicitation of any offer to subscribe for or to purchase, the warrants & CBBC at the price shown. Nothing herein should be considered as investment or financial advice or any form of recommendation to purchase or sell the warrants & CBBC shown.

The warrant & CBBC prices generated by this calculator are based on an option pricing model known as the Black Scholes method and subject to certain inherent limitations. The parameters used may not be the same as those used by Societe Generale to make markets in the warrants & CBBC. The scenarios used to generate the prices are provided by you and are purely illustrative. Societe Generale does not represent or warrant that these scenarios accurately reflect real life conditions, whether now or in the future. This calculator may not be applicable for certain conditions, including but not limiting to short term out-of-the-money warrants.

The implied volatility at which the warrant is trading is not stable and might change substantially between the time an investor buys the warrant and the time he/she sells the warrant.

Dividends are not included in the calculation.

Warrants with a theoretical value of less than 0.01 HKD is not suitable for this price simulator. Investors can call SG Hotline to ask for the theoretical value of the product.